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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 23, 2015 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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live"! the "star wars" special. tonight the cast of "star wars: the force awakens," featuring harrison ford, carrie fisher, john boyega, adam driver, daisy ridley, and director j.j. abrams. with cleto and the cletones.
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and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i know some of you have been waiting in line since early this morning. [ cheers and applause ] thank you -- hey. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad you're excited. welcome to our "star wars: the force awakens" special. as yoda would say, glad i am that here are you. and i am. if i could go back in time and tell my 10-year-old self that one day you'll be hosting a special "star wars" show on tv i don't know. i think i'd probably say, mom, there's a man in my broom. [ laughter ] tonight from the cast of "star wars" first first carrie fisher, john boyega, adam driver, daisy
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ridley, harrison ford, and chewbacca, and the creative force behind the force, director j.j. abrams. i've known j.j. for quite a while but i learned something today i did not know. did you know j.j. stands for jamba juice? [ laughter ] his legal name i jamba juice abrams. "the force awakens" is the seventh movie in the "star wars" story. the last things we saw in the "star wars" universe when we left off, our heroes, as you may recall, were dancing on ender with a village of oks. now, this one picks up the morning after that e wok dance party when luke wakes up and realizes he got drunk and had sex with two of them. [ laughter ] disney's done a good job of keeping the details of the film under wraps and cause of that the internetas been flooded with allanner of creative theories. a lot of fans are wondering why luke skywalker hasn't been in the posters or the promotional materials. and there's been speculation that he's in exile, maybe he went to the dark side. some people think he was
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transformed into the villain kylo ren who's played by adam driver, and i figur something out that i think is very interesting. i think it's something people are going to talk about. the anytime ko ren, put that up on the screen. if you rearrange the letters, it spells yonkler. [ laughter ] is that not something? okay. well, i'll ask j.j. about it and we'll find out if it's something. this is the most anticipated sequel since -- i think since the new testament really. [ laughter ] according to the marketing people at disney, 70% of "star wars" ticket holders, people who bought ticts in advance, are men betweenhe ages of 18 and 49. now, most "star wars" fans are male, but to try to bring in the biggest possible audience they're specifically targeting young women. and this new trailer i thi does a very good job of sending the message that "star wars" is for everyone.
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in all the wrong places. without a man she was no one. >> i'm no one. >> but in a galaxy of bad guys one young storm trooper was on the same journey. and no matter what stood in their way or what handsome older gentleman distracted her, sometimes the greatest force of all is love. look at the stars look how they shine for you [ cheers and applalause ] >> jimmy: a cantina. and the rest is history. "star wars" is one of those movies that most everyone has seen. in fact, if you meet someone who hasn't seen "star wars,"," you yell at them. that's usually the reaction. and since people are so familiar with the characters and the story,e decided to have some fun with that. americans know more about "star wars" than we do actual wars. so we went out on the street and asked people for their thoughts on current events that aren't actually current events at all
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edition of "liewitness news." [ applause ] >> this morning north korean leader kim jong un announced his replacement kylo ren. do you thinknk kylo r is going to be a good leader for the people of north korea? >> yeah, i feel like kylo ren would be a good leader because he's a real, you know, outspoken person. he's nice. i feel like he'd be a good person. >> do you agree with admiral akbar's statement that entering the conflict in ender could be a trap? >> it's a trap! >> so you think it's worth entering ender? >> yeah. sure. >> and you agree ewoks need foreign intervention to survive this conflict? >> definitely. >> do you believe the frigid temperatures like the ones we're experiencing on hoth is mankind's doing or is climate change on not our fault? >> it's a very good question. which would lead you guys to know that never believe anything you knowow. which means to research. look up hearth. look up the technology that has been created to be able to make
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weather any way thahat they want to. yes, that means tsunamis. yes, that means tornadoes. >> so are you saying that's what happened on hoth? >> i'm saying that's what's been going on this whole time. >> so you're saying that weather has been intentionally inflicted on the people of hoth? >> yes. >> do you think count duku is solely to blame for the clone wars? >> no. >> why is that? >> because there's a lot of other forces involved. to blame just one single thing is not -- i don't think that's accurate. i don't think that's fair. >> do you think count duku could have done more to avoid the clone wars? >> yeah. >> in your opinion did emperor papaltine have the authority to execute mace windu? >> i do not. >> do you think fox news is too soft on emperor papeltine? >> i do. >> what have you heard them say that makes you say that? >> nothing specific. just random stuff. on that. >> is that something if the crime is severe enough you think people should be frozeze nen carbonite?
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like -- like a sort of medieval punishment really to me. >> actually, it's from a long, long time ago. >> yeah. thing which shouldn't't really still be going on. i mean, yeah. controversial. >> they're saying it dates all the way back to the hut dynasty. jabbthe hutt was actually the first to do it. but do you think we -- >> wasn't he from "star wars"? >> they named the "star ws" guy after him. >> these questions are all about "star wars." i just realized. [ cheers and alause ] >> not only are j.j. abrams and the cast of the new movie here tonight, some of the non-human cast is here tonight. r2 d-2 is with us. in fact, let's --
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[ applause ] it's nice to see you too. how are you doing? [ beeping ] >> he has a message. i've always wanted to see how yeah. give it to us. oh, look at that. >> what is -- what is this? >> jimmy: carrie fisher. >> they don't -- we don't wear great. i'll wear this if everyone else wears it and not on their head. like they could sort of [ bleep ] me to get me. there? can she hear us? >> why am i even on this? which jimmy is this? harrison's -- carrie. >> say, i got sick or something. you got sick maybe. >> jimmy: carrie, can you hear me? hello? hello. >> oh. did i -- did i butt dial?
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>> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] yeyeah, youdid. >> how are you? >> jimmy: i'm fine. i'm very, very happy to ve you here tonight. >> great. i'm so happy to be here. god, i love being on tv. >> jimmy: oh, good. very good. what is that you're sitting on? >> my head. >> jimmy: do you like the wig? >> do i like this? who could not like the hairy earphone wig? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. >> you want me to wear it, though? >> jimmy: yeah. would you mind wearing the wig? >> oh, come on. so much that i would rather anyone went to [ bleep ] themselves. [ laugughter ] >> jimmy: all right. well, i'll see you in a little while then. okay, bye. [ cheers and applause ] carrie fisher. she kisses her brother with that mouth. thank you, r2. it's r2-d2, everybody. [ applause ]
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we havto take a break. we have something very special when we comee back as our "star wars: the force awakens" special marches on. r2-d2. [ cheers and applause ] a new world hangs outside the window beautiful and strange it must be falling away i must be
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: the cast of "star wars: the force awakens" is on later. and later the cast is going to face off against a very bright 7-year-old boy in a "star wars" trivia contest. this is not just any 7-year-old. his name is arden hayes. he's been with us before.
10:50 pm
he's very knowledgeable when it comes to actually a number of subjects. here's a little -- we put a little montage togetr to show you how smart he is. >> a are y you a genius? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: who's that guy? >> warren g. harding. he was o of our worst presidents. >> jimmy: he was one of the worst? >> that does not have south sudan on it. >> jimmy: it's missing a cotry? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you'd think everyone would know that. >> but no one does. >> jimmy: but no one does. how many elements are there on the periodic table? >> 118. >> jimmy: and you kno -- >> all of them. >> jimmy: you know all of them. >> barium, lampidim, cerium. samari muchlt -- >> jimmy: we get it. you're embarrassing me now. [ applause ] >> jimmy: so not only does arden know about the elements and esidents he knows a lot about "star wars" and tonight we'll find o out who knows more about star warz,he kid or t the cast from the movie. let me tell you right now, the answer is the kid. because the character has been around for so long, we kind of take the voice of chewbacca for
10:51 pm
granted, but the way chewbacca communicates is something someone, presumably george lucas, came up with. which makes you wonder how do you come up with something like that? what do you even tell the guy who does the voice? try to sound like you're kind of in pain? but it turns out the voice of chewbacca is everywhere. we combed the internet, put these together. these are videos shot by people who somehow found the sweet sound of chewbacca all around them every day. [ chewbacca noises ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: his nemesis is wd-40. as most "star wars" fans know,
10:52 pm
there has been some well, let's ju call it animosity between two members of the original cast. i really don't know what happened. i know it involved an affair of some kind. i know it involved awoman. and since then i've been tryrying to get them back -- everything all right? somethingoing on inside? you know, excuse me, i need to see what's happening. i'll be right back. [ siren ] hey, what's going on? >> jumper. >> jimmy: oh, no. can i have that? i know him. chewbacca. it's jimmy kimmel. don't do this.
10:53 pm
>> [ chewbacca noises ]. >> jimmy: i can't understand you. >> [ chewbacca noises ]. >> jimmy: again i can't understand you. >> jimmy, what's going on? [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, it's chewbacca. he's going to jump. >> oh. good. >> jimmy: no, no, no, no. not good. not good. what do u mean good? no, bad. this is bad. that's your friend. do something. >> shut your wookiee grunt hole, will you? don't give me that! you made a choice! she was my wife! i don't care! i don't want to hear it! no! >> jimmy: hey. hey. >> go ahead, do us a favor. jump! go on, jump! >> jimmy: don't jump don't do that. no. come on. what are you doing? that's your friend up there. i know you guys have been through a lot but that was a long time ago.
10:54 pm
you've got to something here. dot you remember the good times? there were really good times. hello it's me i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet to go over everything they say that time's supposed to heal you but i ain't done much healing hello from the other side at least i can say that i've tried to tell you i'm sorry for breaking your heart but it don't matter
10:55 pm
apart amore >> jimmy: go to him. go to your friend. [ laughter ] >> chewy! chewy! come here, you -- you big
10:56 pm
[ cheers and applause ] da, da, da, da, da, da, da [ singing "star wars" theme ] >> shut the [ bleep ] up! >> jimmy: sorry. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is our special "star wars" show. we'll be right back with j.j. abrams. ("imperial march" playing) some networks promise "unlimited" dadata, then they slow your downloads after just a gig or two. (alarm sounds)
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there. tonight from "star wars: the forcawakens," carrie fisher, john boyega, adam driver and daisy ridley are here. guillermo, of all the "ststar wars" characters, all of them, which one is your favorite? >> r2-d2. >> jimmy: okay. not naming one that you just saw two seconds ago. [ laughter ] which one is your favorite? >> uh, han solo. or han solo. whatever his name. >> jimmy: what didou say again? >> ham solo. >> jimmy: ham solo. it's just a single ham. [ laughter ] all right.
10:59 pm
very good. tomorrow night is marvel super night. chris evans and robert downey jr. will join us, as will krysten ritter, an we'll have music from fall out boy. and next tuesday, a wk from tomorrow, on world aids day, we're doing a very special shop-a-thon show to raise money for the great charity red. joining us that night on the show, bono, scarlett johansson, the killers, olivia wilde, and many, many more. maybe even matt damon might show up that night, although i'm not prpromising ything. so join us tuesday for the "jimmy kimmel live: red shopathon." you can shop and do something good at the same time. it's like the opposite of black friday really. a long time ago, in a galaxy far, farway our first guest brought us many great tv shows anthen went on to become one of the most beloved d american film directors. he's produced, co-written, and directed one of the most eagerly anticipated movies ever, "star
11:00 pm
please welcome j.j. abrams. [ cheers and applause ] i'm glad to have you here. >> good to be here. thank you so much. >> jmy: it's excitg to have you. i know you don't want to spoil anythi. i know there's only so much you can reveal. but i do have one question, specific question i'd love to get an answer for. >> all right. >> jimmy: i think the fans would love to get an answer for this question. >> yeah. okayay? e last episode. [ laughter ] they were in purgatory, right? i mean, it was -- >> jimmy, whatever you say, man. >> jimmy: are you done with the movie? are you finished? >> we have like a couple more color correction things to do, but we're done >> jimmy: it's almost in the [ applause ] is there even a can anymore? are there cans? >> they have can but they have nothing to do with the movie. cans.
11:01 pm
no cans. >> jimmy: are youappy that you've almost finished it? >> i can't tell you the relief i feel. honestly. it's been a long time. work on this ing. but you know, it's also -- it's nerve-wracking. i won't lie to you. >> jimmy: i remember being at a dinner, a birthday dinner for our mutual friend alex wall, and bob iger was at that dinner, and he was trying to convince you at the dinner to direct this movie. and you were reluctant. >> i was only reluctant because, a, i love the movie "star wars" so much. i love the original trilogy. i was 11 years old when i saw the first one. it had a p profoundimpact on me. and so thehe idea o getting so close to something kind of scared me a little bit. and also i'd been working on a bunch of things and katie, my wife, and i had plans with the family to go away for a litittle while. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. callss and say do you want to direct "star wars"? i said no thank you. but then she said can we talk in person? i sai of course. she came and we met. all we had to do was start talking about it and i just felt myself -- >> jimmy: you got carried away
11:02 pm
with yourself. >> the idea that -- katie said afterwards, the meeting, i talked to her aboutit. she said if you pass this up you'll probably regret this for the rest of your life, you should really consider it. >> jimmy: right. and if it goes poorly you will life. >> this is true. >> jimmy: how many people have seen the movie, from begning to end? >> it's a good question. we've shown it to -- had a bunch of little sort of small frid and family screenings. but the truth is i haven't seen it with hundreds of people. it's been, you know, a few here, aew there. and that's the thing i'm most excited about because it is a movie that i think will be a lot of fun to watch with a crowd. >> jimmy: that is the best part of directing a movie, isn't it? actually getting to see people watch it and enjoy it. >> it is. but it's l like youever know. you just don't -- you just don't know. when we did the star trek film we hadn't seen it with an audience a we were in sydney, australia. and at the opera house. and therere we just thousands of people there. you couldn't hear anything. the space was so big, it wasn't
11:03 pm
so i was convinced the whole time it was an utter disaster because i'd never seen it with an audience. and when it was over they gave an incredibly generous ovation. it was like a two-minute-long thing. but duri the movie you just don't know until you've gone through it. so it's terrifying. >> jimmy: are fans of the "star wars" movies more aggressive than the fans of the "star trek" -- >> there are more of them. and because i have always, since i was little kid, counted myself among them, i'm not going to disparage them and say anything b about them. i think they're fantastic. >> jimmy: i'm not looking for you -- >> but they do frighten you sometimes. >> jimmy: they com up to you and they must say you've got our baby and you'd better take care of it. >> i get a lot of people coming up and saying oh, hey, i love "star wars." and my response to that is thank you, i had nothing to do w with it. and i'm grateful that we're in the same club. t it's like i i was -- i saw it too. but what they're really saying
11:04 pm
underneath it is if you screw this up i'll kill you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: right. and some of the characters remain from some of the original films. but the focus i on newew characters. you've got new -- phil collins does all the music for this movie, yes? >> yes. phil said i'm not retired anymore and did all the music. it's incredible. john williams. >> jimmy: oh, yes. >> does the music. not phil collins. no. no one from genesis did the music. we have an amazing cast. daisy ridley. you'll meet them in two minutes. >> jimmy: you'll maybe even ruin their lives. i assume. >> that's sort of the goal. >> jimmy: it really is. >> if nothing changes we really screwed up. >>immy: is to make sure they get swarmed by nerds everywhere they go, people carrying signs. >> this cast, they are truly -- they are amazing. i cannot wait for you to see. >> jimmy: i can't wait to see it either. apparently i wasn't among the friends oror family.. [ laughter ] but neither was guillermo. he better not have been there! >> i really can't wait four to see it. >> jimmy: i'm looking forward to
11:05 pm
seeing it. and i will tell you i kw some people who have seen it and people who are very critical in general say -- they're effusive. they say it's great. let's hope everybody feels that same way. now, what i would love to do is to get a little bit of something out of you. what i mean by that -- i don't mean a liquid. i mean -- i'd just love to know like for instances what's the first word of the movie? >> the first word? >> jmy: yeah. >> spoken? >> jimmy: yes. the first spoken word in the film. >> ready? >> jimmy: yes. >> this. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: look at it. >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: i told them to be ready. it's a good thing they were able
11:06 pm
[ laughter ] now, iyou rearrange these letters you can spell sith. does that mean anything? sorry, i've been playining a lot of scrabble. >> you're mr. anagram. with you. does it need to be set up? >> essentially all you need to know is this is very early on in the movie and these two characters, rey and finn, have just met and he was a storm trooper and abanded his post and she is a scavenger in the desert of a place called jacu and the two have met and are now being pursued. >> jimmy: a clip from "star wars: the force awakens." >> we can't outrun them! >> we might. in that quad jumper. >> we need a pilot. >> we've got one. >> you? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that must havee cost a fortune. when we come back, j. abrams
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>> jimmy: it's our "star wars" special. you haven't seen these yet. hasbro made these.
11:12 pm
there's you and han solo attire, and there's me as princess leia. >> we are a cute couple. oh, no. >> jimmy: all right. our next guests span three generations of the force being th us. on december 18 their lives will change forever when "star wa: the force awakens" opens in theaters. please welcome adam driver, daisy ridley, john boyega, and carrie fisher. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for coming. great to have you here. so let me just go around and talk about how -- theoment you found out that you were going to bebe in e movie and the security surrounding that. >> i was like 19. [ laughter ] >> jim: how about you, daisy?
11:13 pm
>> i was at the theater, and i hadn't been able to watch the first half because i was desperately trying to get in touch with j.j. because i didn't know how to call the u. i had to google it, all sorts of things. >> jimmy: you were at i aplay. >> yes. >> jimmy: i see. >> sew told me. and obviously i wasn't thehere for the whole first half. and i had to go in for the second half and not tell the guy i was th. >> jimmy: because it was a secret a you didn't trust him. do he now know you were keeping that from him during the play? >> no. >> jimmy: he does not. maybe he now does. adam, were you shooting "girls" at the me? >> yeah. it was the lastay of the second season of "girls" and i got a call, do you want to meet j.j. and talk aboutut "star wars"? yeah. yeah, i would. then it was just months of meeting and making, you know -- weighing it and taking time considering it. ththen jumping on board. >> jimmy: and you couldn't tell anybody for how long? >> i feel like i still haven't told anybody. i didn't tell my wife anything. >> jimmy: tell john b because hs
11:14 pm
right there. and he should know what's going on. >> j.j. spoiled it for my -- he assumed i told her everything but i didn't tell her. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> i get into it. >> jimmy: now you know u can trust adam. john, how about you? when you found this out, where was it? >> i was in a basement somewhere waiting for seven months to hear whether i got the part or not. and j.j. released me from absolute -- >> jimmy: he had you in captivity? >> i was literally just waiting at home t to s if j.j. would give me the part and he sent me the e-mail telling me to come to mayfair and meet him. i met h and larry kaz dann. then he broke the news sxo & told me i to me and told me i got the part. it was a good day. [ applause ] >> jimmy: who was the first person you told this news? >> i told my agent, femmy. but i think the most interesting thing was telling my dad. i went home and was like dad, i've just been cast in "star wars." and he was like, oh, my god. you are in "star wa"? that is fantastic. i knew it. what is "star wars"? [ applause ]
11:15 pm
>> jimmy: he didn't know? >> he didn't know. >> jimmy: all your families had to be exted. did you pump carrie for information about the things that went on? a lot of crazy things went on in the original "star wars" movies. yes? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you were at the center of a lot of those crazy things. >> i s startedmost of them. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: when you go back to playing the part of princess leia, now general leia, do you have to go back and look at one of the older m movies a kind of -- >> and feel bad about how i've [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well -- yes. >> that's what i do at night. >> jimmy: that's what you do at night. yeah. >> jimmy: i see. this is the -- is this the first >> yeah. that's what it was. >> jimmy: and j.j., looks like you had it in an ikea or something like that. >> we were on a stage at the studio, pinewood. you all got together? >> yep. >> jimmy: and you went through thscript. by the way, did you give the script to the actors? >> yeah, j.j., did you? >> no, he didn't.
11:16 pm
>> not to carrie. [ laughter ] the actors had the script. but that was an amazing thing to see everyone together for the first time. because we had everyone i in separate different rooms for months and then all of a sudden we put them all together and we were like crossing our fingers it would go well. and it was kind of an electric amazing time. >> jimmy: when you have the script in your hands are you nervous about losing it? >> absolutely. i have to say, through the audition process we didn't get to take the script home. so we had to go to pinewood and learn our lines and then go home. i felt like i was living a double life, like batman. it was a real situation. so to have the script on the read-through -- >> you got to learn your lines? >> i did. >> and john came in like eight or nine times to audition. it was a long process. >> thank you, j.j. >> jimmy: eight or nine times? >> yeah, it was a long process. i feel guilty. >> jimmy: adam, you are in a helmet in the clips we've seen from the movie. do we ever see your face? because otherwise anybody really could have been you, i guess, huh? [ laughter ] >> i don't know.
11:17 pm
i don't know if i can say. >> i will say that adam was amazing because there were certain things wherere in theory someone else could have been in there for a shot or two but adam was like no, i w want to do every single shot. so he did. he was incredible. >> jimmy: that's a trouper. not a storm trooper butt a trouper. yeah. [ laughter ] and daisy, for you this is your first thing, right? this is -- >> yeyeah. >> jimmy: i imagine you're of course excited but like are you fully aware of what you're in for? >> i don't know. year. like obviously i've never had people going can you sign a picture of me? so that's to get used to. but i'm just pleased to be part of it. >> jimmy: are you all signed for other movies for the future films? >> don't know what you're [ laughter ] can't get -- carrie, you'll tell me everything.
11:18 pm
movie? [ laughter ] wow. [ laughter ] >> it involves nudity. >> jimmy: it involves nudity. wouldn't that be something, if you made an r-rated version of -- that would be -- >> can you imagagine? >> jimmy: that would have been a becausy move on your part. since i can't get any actual information about the film from any of you, we're going to put you to the test here. 7-year-old boy who knows an awful lot about "star wars." so we're going to have to put the nudity and the light saber talk to bed for just a few minutes. again, when we come back the cast of "the force awakens"
11:19 pm
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>> jimmy: welcome back to our "star wars" special. it's time to pit the cast of "star wars: the force awakens" against a very smart 7-year-old named arden in an intergalactic
11:23 pm
it is time for "ard wars." wow. no expense spared with the graphics. our quizmaster tonight is j.j. abrams, director of the film. let's introduce the teams. to my left members of the cast. daisy ridley, john boyega, adam driver, and carrie fisher teamtar wars. thr opnent is the star of this particular war. he's a third-grader from here in los angeles. he is a bona fideenius despite the fact that he is no bigger than a womp rat. please welcome the dark lord of trivia, arn hayes. [ cheers and applause ] hi, arden. how are you doing, arn? are you excited? >> yeah. >> jimmy: should these guys be neous? >> yeah. maybe. >> jimmy: yeah, maybe. are you going to crush them like
11:24 pm
some kind ofebel scum? >> yeah, mamaybe. >> jimmy: let's find out. arden, by the way, dressed up as a "star wars" character for halloween. and this is the character he dressed up as. that's a great-looking costume. [ applause ] who made that costume? your mom make that coste? >> no. i bought it. >> jimmy: you bought it. okay. very good. are you ready to play? >> yeah. >> jimmy: here we go. the teams are a little uneven. maybe we should have a teammate for ard. let's bring in a teammate for arden. arden, this is your teammate. [ applause ] the rules are simple. >> hi. >> jimmy: j.j., we'll go back and forth asking "star wars" trivia questions. you'll have ten seconds to answer correctly. if you don't answer correctly, your opponent will have a chance to steal. just like in the movie j.j.'s decisions are final. you're not allowed to argue with him. j.j., we're going to start with arden.
11:25 pm
that is our first question. >> here we go. what was luke planning to pick up at tashi station? >> the power converters. >> jimmy: the power converters. >> that's right. >> jimmy: that is absolutely correct. >> announcer: this is correct. >> jimmy: arden has 10 points. nextuestion is for your cast. >> where did uncle owen tell luke to take the droids into to have their memory erased? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you have ten seconds to figure this out. >> so what happened, carrie? >> jimmy: carrie was in the original films. >> elmtree studios. >> jimmy: your answer is? >> borrowood studios. i was not on that planet. rry. >> jimmy: let's give arden a chance. >> what was the question? >> where did uncle owen tell luke to take t droids into to have their memory erased? >> tashi station. >> jimmy: that is not correct.
11:26 pm
that was terrifying. >> anchorhead. >>immy: anchorhead is the correct answer. i always feel like when arden gets one wrong it means we were wrong. all right. next question is f arden. >> who was red leader during the battle of ender? >> reginald telly. >> announcer: that is correct. >> jimmy: next question. >> in what detention block was one princess leia being held? >> i was unconscious for that so you guys -- >> i wasn't born >> jimmy: any other excuses? what detention block -- >> 51. >> i answered. it was a-23. >> jimmy: yeah, it's a-23. but -- >> announcer: that is correct. >> jimmy: this is already an insurmountable lead. the next question goes to the cast first. j.j.? >> how many skiffs accompanied jabba the hutt's sail barge? >> jimmy: how many skiffs
11:27 pm
accompanied jabba the hutt's -- >> seven. >> is thahatour final answer? >> yes. >> it is wrong. >> thank you. >> no! >> jimmy: arden, how many skiffs? >> two. >> that's right. >> announcer: that is correct. >> jimmy: arden, quick follow-up question. what is a skiff? >> well, it'sike a thing that like has like -- i really can't explaiain it. >> jimmy: okay. >> but it carries prisoners sometimes. >> jimmy: okay. all right. the next question is for arden. he has a huge lead,0 points. there's ally no point in continuing but we are going to anyway. j.j.? >> during the battle of yaven yaven jek porkins was assisted by whicich droid? >> r5-d8. >> that is correct. >> jimmy: let's have another one just for the hell of i to see if you guys -- have any of you
11:28 pm
>> i studied for it. >> jimmy: youu studied for this. well, you failed. >> what talking bay in moss isley housed the millennium falcon? >> oh. i know that. somewhere. >> jimmy: you have ten seconds. >> what was it? >> jimmy: the question again. >> what docking bay in moss isley housed the millenniumm falcon? >> 3. >> dockingay94. >> that is correct. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i t think thi game is over, and i think we have a winner, and i think his name is arden. [ cheers and applause ] for your efforts tonight, we have a very special collection of gifts for you. we got you -- arden. a whole wheelbarrow full of stuff. you want to come look at it? so all the stuff in the wheelbarrow, this is for you. and the cast and j.j. signed the storm trooper for you. [ [ applause
11:29 pm
so nicely done. and you get to take r2-d2 and guillermo home also. [ applause ] den hayes, everyby. thanks to j.j. thanks to the cast. we'll be right back.
11:30 pm
>> jimmy: i want to thank adam, daisy, john, and carrie. i want to thank the director j.j. ababms. thank you guys all so much. our storm troopers. r2-d2, harrison ford, chewbacca. apologies to matt damon. hey, congratulations, arden, by the way. >> thanks. >> jimmy: how do you think those other guys did? >> pretty good. >> jimmy: pretty good. but wait a minute. they didn't get any of the answers. are you justeing nice right now? yeah. okay. thanksks foratching. "nightline" is next. good night.
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